Agile methods are Software design procedures that want to be more pragmatic than traditional methods. Involving at maximum the applicant (client), these methods allow a highly responsiveness to his requests, designed to satisfy real customers needs, and not terms of the development contract. The Agile concept was formalized in 2001 by a document Agile Manifesto signed by 17 personalities involved in the evolution of Software Engineering and generally the authors of their own method. " - Wikipédia (translation of the French page)

We would add that these methods (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, for the principal) place emphasis on iterative development (regular deliveries) and incremental (each delivery is a subset of a little more complete of the final application), where features delivered successively are prioritized by the client.

This iterative process can raise the risk at the earliest. while maximizing ROI.

Agile methods are not designed to remove the procedures, but to reduce the minimum subsistence, being driven by user needs : " What are the procedures that are useful to customers without imposing a surcharge or heavy constraints ? "


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