The association

To ensure independence from any company or technology, a common strategy, we created a non-profit association whose mission is to organize the event and manage the budget.


To maintain a balance between the main technologies represented represented, the association is split into pairs, each having the responsibility for managing its track (Agile, iPhone, and Java). The incubator track is managed by the entire association.


Jacques Couvreur, president

Convinced by Agile, and XP practitioner, I tried to be an active proponent of Agile development (organizer and speaker at conferences in Paris and Geneva). Wanting to move to another dimension, I Had the idea for this cocktail of computer experiments: so I convinced a bunch of relatives to create


Géraud De Laval, vice president



David Gimelle, secretary


Marc-Elian Begin, treasurer

  • Co-Founder of the company SixSq



Pierre-Yves Bertholon


Maxime Nowak, organe de contrôle