The Conference 2010


The first Soft-Shake edition will be on the October 18, 2010 at the Ramada Hotel in Geneva.

We're expecting over 200 attendees, whether English or French.


This conference was initiated by the organising team of the Agile Tour Geneva with a desire to reach out other communities, people who would have never come to agility events. This could not have happen without of local user groups. That's why the original team joined is organizing this event with the iPhone Developer Group of Suisse Romande and the GenevaJUG (for the Java part).


For each of these themes, we dedicate at least one conference room in order to ensure a perfect balance, a good representation and avoid a theme predominance.

For this year, we have identified three themes:

We have also included an incubator track in order to leave the floor to speakers on any other computer subject.


For this we stopped there for two reasons:

  • We do not know (local) associations or user group in other areas
  • We prefer to start small and grow gradually if the success is here

We ask nothing better than adding a new track next year: it depends on you. You can contact us by mail or the D-Day on site.


Interested in these topics?!... Devour the conference program and register to attend.