To guarantee equal opportunities to any company, technology, practice or methodology as well to define a common strategy we have created a non-profit organization that have as the goal to organize the event and manage the budget.

In order to maintain a balance between technologies represented at the conference, organization is decomposed in pairs, each having the responsibility to manage their track (Agile, Java, Microsoft, Mobile and Ruby). Incubator track is managed by the whole organization.



  • Track Agile & presidentemailtwitter
  • President and creator of SoftShake conference Jacques is the president of Agile-Swiss.ch organization. Co-organizer of XP Days CH (2009 and 2010) and Agile Tour Genève (2008 and 2009). Co-creator of Alchimiste-Agile.com, a game on retrospective, GongFu.IO and SeriousGaGe.ch (a meetup on Serious Games). He is also the founder of Fèdèration Agile. In 2009 he founded the company inagua.ch where he is performing as a coach and trainer in Agile. Convinced agilist and XP practitioner he is engaged to be an active advocate of agile development methodologies, organizer and speaker at conferences in Paris and Geneva. Wanting to go another level, he had the idea of a cocktail of IT experiences – in 2010 he convinced a gang of friends to create Soft-Shake.ch. His interests: innovation, continuous improvement, teamwork, experimentation at the limits of comfort zone and research of simplicity.


 yannis_jaquet: {
     track: "Ruby",
     email: "yannis@soft-shake.ch",
     twitter: "@yannis_",
     age: 38,
     kids: 2,
     diploms: {
       grade: "Docteur ès Sciences, Mention Biologique",
       title: "Functional dissection of Su(var)3-7, a heterochromatic protein fromDrosophila melanogaster",
       date: "2004-10-15"
     current_activities: [
       "Développeur Ruby on Rails au Département de Génétique and Evolution, Université deGenève",
       "Co-organiseur du user group Geneva.rb avec Romain Sempé"


  • Track Microsoftemailtwitter
  • Valeriu Caraulean started his career as system developer in the area of embedded systems and Assembler language. Starting with first versions of Microsoft .NET Framework he is specialized in development of Windows applications, Rich Clients and client-server application on the Microsoft platform. He is working as a Senior Developer at GIT SA. Always open minded and agile, he appreciates the most attention to details and the quality of software products.

Romain SEMPE

  • Track Rubyemailtwitter
  • Romain Sempé is an evangelist if agile methodologies and Ruby on Rails expert. He has been lead developer of Official.fm, then technical director of YoupiJob. He is the creator and co-organizer of Geneva.rb user group, together with Yannis Jaquet. Henceforth, he works in the Ruby42 web agency where he is one of co-founders.

Nicolas REMOND

  • Track Javaemailtwitter
  • Nicolas Rémond is working as Java Architect at Secutix SA (www.secutix.com), a ticketing company where he does everything to sell tickets as fast as possible. With this goal in his mind he dived into Scala and in his free time he do not hesitates to send commits to an open source project called Gatling (www.gatling-tool.org)

Nicolas PERU

  • Track Javaemailtwitter
  • Nicolas PERU is a curious and autodidact geek. He deeply passionate about code and beautiful code. He entered Java world in the high school and since he enjoys working with the language. After a few stops at different IT companies he is working now as Technical Lead in a big private bank in Geneva. He considers that sharing of the knowledge and experience is very important and this lead him to be involved in organization of Geneva Java User Group, organize Coding Dojo at JUG and in his company and today he’s part of SoftShake organization.


  • Track Mobileemailtwitter
  • Géraud started writing iPhone applications in the summer of 2008 for an EPFL laboratory. SDK evolved, the iPad made his apparition and after various development projects Géraud discovered the wonderful domain of User Experience. Finally, what use has the most beautiful code in the world if nobody uses it? Today, at Sysmosoft, Géraud participates at development of a mobile security platform. He is in charge of User Experience and develops iOS applications. He also participates in organization of CocoaHeads Lausanne, a user group of Apple developers in Suisse Romande.

Benjamin SOULIER

  • Track Microsoftemailtwitter
  • Benjamin Soulier is a technical expert working at Cambridge Technology Partners. He uses latest Microsoft’s technologies in order to allow fast implementation and capitalization, to accelerate architecture, development and implementation of the projects he’s leading. Always in the context of added value, he works as an early adopter for enterprise solutions like Windows 8, Windows Azure or SharePoint 2013. His 12 years of experience gave him ability to work with a large number of .NET technologies like ASP.NET, WPF, Surface and others.


  • Track Agileemailtwitter
  • Gaël holds a degree in management and communication from ESM Geneva. After working in finance and advertising, he decided to change his career to get closer to his passion – IT. He decided to pick up his studies, this time at Montreal University, department of Computer Science. He received his certificate in 2010 with an Award of Excellence. Passionate developer and always in touch with latest technologies he continued his career at Pyxis as a Web developer and integrator. One day he launched the idea to create a branch of Pyxis in Switzerland. After a year of preparations, he is now back in his country to start up Pyxis Suisse SA in the quality of founder and president.