Elizabeth AUZAN

Elizabeth AUZAN

Elizabeth Auzan likes to call herself a Thinking Partner www.thinkingpartner.ch to describe her various activities. As a thinking partner, she likes to address both sides of the brain for faster solution-finding. She works with clients to catalyse their search for innovative solutions through visualization techniques which stimulate right brain approaches in sometimes left-brain dominated activities.

Her areas of competence are:

  • Coaching in personal communication and creative presentations
  • Running art workshops at IMD business school
  • Deep Dive Brainstormings
  • Strategic illustration
  • Graphic facilitation

She recently joined forces with Sebastien Gerbier, designer and art instructor, in order to develop the last two activities. www.lowtech-hitouch.com.

Originally from the UK, Elizabeth Auzan holds a BA in French (Liverpool), an MA in English (Aix en Provence) and is equally fluent in French and English. Other training includes Coach University, Seattle, 2006 and Graphic facilitation training by Alchemy in 2009.

She is interested in art, typography, singing and golf and loves to have clients have “Aha” moments. She is currently based in Lausanne, Switzerland.