Welcome to an asynchronous world



In the beginning of time, code was linear.

We complicated it adding threading, evolving it over the time in a spaghetti code of methods and callback functions that, for real life coding can end in a nightmare of callbacks and synchronization – coordinating methods.

So, asynchronous code came at a price that not all of us was ready to pay. We needed a change. And Microsoft is bringing it to us with .NET 4.5 and the new Async/Await feature of C#.

The most surprising of this change is that they have made Asynchronous easy. So easy and powerful that its really surprising what you can do with Async. In this session we will see the basics of Async and how easy it is to do complicated things with it.

We will go, from the ground up, over the foundations, basics and concepts to basic synchronization methods and get to more complicated things that from this session, will look easy.