Geneva, Switzerland

23 & 24 October

This year, of course.

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300 Seats

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About the conference

After the success of the previous editions, Softshake is back for the 4rd edition. Softshake 2014 will take place on thursday 23th and friday 24th octobre, in Geneva, Switzerland. The conference will be hosted at Haute Ecole du Paysage, d'Ingénierie et d'Architecture de Genève (hepia)


  • 2 days
  • ~100 sessions
  • ~10 main topics
  • Over 80 speakers
  • Sessions in French and English

One more thing: 2013 was a success. We're going to keep it that way...

Who is doing it?

The conference is brought to you by a team of passionated developers and software professionals from local area with the help of local developer communities:

Previous editions: 2011, 2013

InfoQ France did a great job on capturing some of the sessions presented at Soft-Shake 2013. Check out some great presentations on InfoQ's site.

And more feedbacks in the Testimonial.

Convince my boss

We have prepared a document that may help you convince your boss to send you to softshake


What is it about? What you will see at the conference?

Softshake is a multi-disciplinary conference offering a varied range of tracks and topics. Past year we grouped all talks in more than 10 tracks. We will try to bring you this year the same mix of technologies, concepts and ideas

  • Agile

  • Java

  • Microsoft

  • Web technologies

  • Mobile development

  • Big Data & no SQL

  • Functional programming

  • Ruby

  • Gamification

  • AI/Robotics

And there is the higly appreciated Incubator track that kept anything that doesn't fit well in any of these topics.

Check out the sessions from Soft-Shake 2013. You'll get the sense of what is waiting for you at the conference. We're sure you will like it this year too...


Discover the speakers when the program will be published at the end of August...

You, the speaker

You can have a look at the list of speakers of 2013 edition.


They talk about...





Have a question? Drop us an email.

  • Who can be a speaker ?

    Just anyone. Have something to show, present your talk idea nicely and you'll surely have your chance to become a speaker.

  • How are talks selected?

    We're rolling the dice. Magic unicorns...

    It's complicated and definitely, not easy. We are trying to provide varied and interesting content for beginners as well for seasoned professionals. You'll learn something new, we promise.


We'll not be able to make it without our dear sponsors

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Want to see who helped us last time? Check the list of sponsors of 2013 edition.